Tuzi Gazi Waterfront

The focus of entertainment in Richards Bay is at the Tuzi Gazi Waterfront. This small crafts harbour offers a wide range of restaurants, pubs, craft shops and watersport facilities.The up-market office complex and walk-on moorings add to the vibrant atmosphere. It is also a haven for watersport enthusiasts.

The yacht harbour at the Tuzi Gazi Waterfront with the most luxurious ocean yachts is a meeting point for sailors and globetrotters from all over the world.Be sure to enjoy a wonderful evening out at the Tuzi Gazi Waterfront.



Boardwalk Inkwazi shopping centre; a sheer majesty of comparative shopping and established retail development, crowned by more than 65,000 metre squared of commercial variety.

Whether your desire is to indulge in the culinary convenience of restaurants, to drape your imagination in the luxurious colours of beautiful fashions or to captivate your loved ones with an applauding excursion with an all-age appeal, the Boardwalk Inkwazi has truly mastered ingrained quality culture of over 150 convenient stores, remaining not only a welcoming shopping destination but a comprehensive haven of retail mastery.

Beneath the welcoming Zululand sun, situated near Richards Bay’s fast-growing central business district, this retail centre piece of Zululand is a regional shopping centre where vistors feel at home and Zululanders are proud to call their own. Welcome to Boardwalk Inkwazi shopping centre webpage; your update haven of shopping pleasure.